The Big Hairy Green Book – Paperback Edition October 2022


Few gardening books raise eyebrows. This one will.

There is a silent revolution happening in suburbia and, like it or not, artificial grass is becoming mainstream. Like marmite, fake grass incites strong feelings. But is it a daft soulless fad, or a no-brainer solution?

Part biography, part instruction manual, read the engaging story of how the author, Mark J O’Loughlin, became the Fake Grass Man and learn all there is to know about synthetic lawns. Discover the secrets, pitfalls and tricks of the trade from Ireland’s longest established synthetic lawn pioneer.

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Trace the progression of fake grass from shiny greengrocer displays to the point where it’s hard to tell the difference from real grass. Learn who it’s for, why people want it and when to walk away. Discover how to properly measure, price and install — to both save money and get the best results.

Included is a biting critique exposing real lawns as the abomination. It’s important to understand all the pros, cons and environmental arguments, then decide for yourself.

Filled with humorous and frank anecdotes, this is a timely seminal guide written by the ultimate insider.
Warning — minds will be changed.

If you want your garden back, buy this book.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Find out why.


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